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A 14 Year Old Teenage Kid Asks How To Make Money Fast Online During Quarantine? 

Why making money online, and becoming rich, as a successful dropshipper is a great opportunity for teenagers in 2021, and beyond.

There are lots of opportunities to explore in today’s world as it opens up for teenagers and students to travel again. So many places to visit in the world, so many things to try out, so many opportunities to explore!

The big question is, where could young people start making money online and experience travel as teenagers, in order to live a fuller, more exciting life?

Thanks to the Internet, and the boom in ecommerce, almost any teen student can now easily find work they like, and even make a businees and their fortune from it. That's why making money online is a great opportunity for teenagers in 2021.

The truth is for teens today, entrepreneurship is cool. A study by Internships.com found that 72% of high school students are excited to start their own business someday, with over 60% stating they would choose entrepreneurship over working as an employee. They’re passionate, highly ambitious, and the businesses they’re creating are already kicking ass and learning you could make money online as a teenager.

These teens are hungry to make their mark on the world, and are dedicating their out of school hours to building their own projects. Whether they’re busy vlogging, selling slime to their schoolmates, or launching their own ecommerce store, this is a generation of new entrepreneurs who aren’t waiting to finish school to get started in the business world and learn how teenagers can make money online.

There are plenty of examples of young kids in their teens, or later whilst at college, building sucessful, and highly profitable, online businesses.

Here are the stories of five kids, aged from 8 to 18, who found success whilst still of school age.

Of course, we cannot forget Mark Zuckerberg, who came into the money while studying at college. These bright young entrepreneurs are not only learning the skills it takes to start a business, but some are also offering up some sage advice along the way that we can all take a moment to learn from, adults included!

At 8 years old, Maddie Robinson drew a picture of a pair of flip flops and added sea characters to them. Proud of her work, she showed the picture to her dad, saying, “Look dad! Fishflops!” Dad, being no stranger to the apparel industry, registered the domain FishFlops.com.

Fast forward a few years, and Madison wrote a letter to upscale retailer Nordstrom, introducing them to her product. They placed their first order and FishFlops appeared for the first time in over 60 Nordstrom stores.

Yahoo picked up the story of how a (then) 15 year old got her product into Nordstrom, and the rest is history. That set into motion an avalanche of emails and questions asking “where can I get these?!” Their custom sea creature designs and LED lights built into the sole made them hugely popular with beach-goers.

Nordstrom quickly sold out of their first order, and Madison’s story spread far and wide, appearing on multiple TV and news outlets. In 2013, more than $1 million in FishFlops were sold and the brand is now expanding to include t-shirts and books written by Maddie herself, as well as a new custom line for adult women at Macy’s.

According to Maddie, her business has helped hone several important life skills, including public speaking “thanks to the experience of explaining her product at industry expos and making presentations to stone-faced department store buyers.”


Miss O and Friends is a social networking site geared towards tween girls. Founded by Juliette Brindak at the age of 10, Miss O was designed for girls just starting middle school or junior high, who are going through that awkward phase of life where boys enter the picture, cliques start to form and bullying becomes a fact of life.

Miss O was designed to not only give girls a place to hang out and share their stories, but also keep up with the latest on celebrity gossip, quizzes and games. Miss O and Friends has also launched a line of books and is currently valued at over 15 million dollars.

According to Brindak, your business plan shouldn’t be set in stone. The site originally started with a few simple flash animations and articles, but has since grown to include celebrity meet and greets, concerts and advice columns. Have a business plan as a guide, but don’t rigidly stick to it, or you’ll miss out on new opportunities as they happen.

Brindak tells readers “the goal for the site was, and still is, to help young girls build confidence and self esteem.” As the CEO of her own social network and book empire, Brindak is keen on “find[ing] new ways to engage girls, to generate revenue and new outlets that are appropriate for Miss O and our community.”


There aren't many teens like Chris Phillips, the founder of Dot5Hosting in 2002, who had made his first million by the age of 18, - https://www.dot5hosting.com/

Sean Belnick, who was 14 when he launched BizChair in 2001 with 100 items, receiving his first order within hours, that declared $42 million in revenue 7 years later. - https://bizchair.com

Imagine being 16 years old, dyslexic, and dropping out of high school while still living at home with your parents. Your prognosis for success as a blogger might not be the best, but that was life for Michael Dunlop, a British student who founded IncomeDiary.com in 2005, gaining over 1000 subscribers in 6 months.

Unlike Miss O and Friends, Michael’s business plan comes straight off the top of his head, and he considered his life as an entrepreneur to be a bit of a rollercoaster.

When it comes to following his own advice though, Michael is spot on. He tells people looking to start their own business to “just do it… plenty of people [will] put you down and things will go wrong, just move on and don’t worry about it.

Don’t spend money you don’t have. So many people will rush out and spend their earnings – save it for a rainy day, invest it into your business and make sure to pay your taxes!”  https://www.incomediary.com/

The list of young successful entrepreneurs isn’t limited to those five. Two others we know of had early success but then never appeared to trade much more than a year or so beyond starting up.

The point is, all of their achievements have become possible due to the opportunities the Internet has brought about. In 2021 the ecommerce drop shipping model will explode even more than it did in 2020, and the opportunities will be there for those willing.

Retail ecommerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2021

So, let’s outline some of the ways that can be used to make money online as teenagers in 2021.

Dropshipping businesses and Ecommerce platforms weren't around in the early days of the internet, but are all the rage nowadays.

When you’re still in school and thinking of starting a store, finding a location to run your business can be one of the biggest challenges. After all, if you’re living at home, it’s only so long until your parents lose patience with the boxes of inventory that will quickly take up residence in their living room.

Sorry, Mom.

That’s why, for many teens and students, it makes more sense to start an online business that could easily be operate out of their bedroom.

“It’s easier to start an online business than a physical business because all you need is an internet connection and money and a laptop, that’s it,” one teen was quoted.

If writing and drawing aren’t your cup of tea, but you’re good at creating things, like Maddie, then you could also make money online by promoting other peoples products.

You may simply sell your, or your friends and contacts crafts or artworks by using online e-commerce platforms like eBay, Amazon or Etsy through Slingly software. The beauty of these websites is that you don’t need to look for buyers. They’re already there – these e-commerce platforms are well-known and have loads of visitors every day.

However, the level of competition there is really high. And probably, at this point of your life, you don’t have efficient tools of your own to stand out from your competitors. This is where the tools and training provided by the likes of Slingly and Groove help you gain that advantage over less well prepared sellers.

This is how you get that unique advantage, and by providing products that cannot be bought from anywhere else. So, if you’re sure that your products are special, you could give it a try.

Alternatively go for the safer method of dropshipping high quality products provided by established suppliers. You can then choose a narrower niche to market in, so reducing the amount of competition you'll face. Slingly offers a range of over 20,000 well designed, high quality merchandise to get you going online in just a few days.

What about the other two who tasted success with dropshipping, but soon faded away?

Let’s go to Mousslim, as he related to us "my dropshipping story", and the online business he launched back in 2017 whilst living in a small town in France.

As early as at the age of 15, Mousslim started his first ecommerce efforts. He was buying electronic gadgets and accessories, having them delivered to his home address, and then reselling them on eBay.

At some point, he realized: what if he could arrange the gadgets’ delivery directly to his eBay clients? And, after he discovered the solution that could make this process automated for him, things escalated quickly.

To start selling DBZ fan merch and turn into a thriving business owner, he spent $89 on a Dropship plugin, bought a domain name and paid for a hosting. By our estimates, a minimal sum of money needed to start a dropshipping business this way is about $140-$150. Allow for continued monthly fees that may be in excess of $50, plus advertising spend for the best dropshipping ads.

And that was enough.

Basically, in 2017, at the age of 19, Mousslim became the owner of a highly successful dropshipping business he'd created himself – a store that brought him $3,500+ in the first 45 days of operation.

By the time Mousslim turned 21, his store had reached even more impressive heights, making in excess of $455,000 per year.

He had found out how to be a successful dropshipper.

Mousslim wasn’t manufacturing fan merch accessories himself. He wasn’t buying them in advance, he wasn’t renting a warehouse and hiring staff to manage the product stock, so he had a low risk of going bankrupt.

He just employed a dropshipping model for his business, and it worked like gangbusters.

To make this strategy work for you, the only thing you need for a start is a well-optimized website that can accept incoming orders, process payments, and transfer the order details to your dropshipping suppliers, who takes care of the rest of the tasks and complete the order.

As a beginner, you you can promote your store for free successfully, if your marketing budget is limited.

The last we heard from Mousslim was in 2018 he was planning to move from a stifling business environment in France to a more liberal Hong Kong. Maybe we'll never know how that worked out as his store lasted jjust over a year and may have closed as he was perprtedly selling fake Dragon Ball Z goods.

Let that be a warning to all budding dropshipping entrepreneurs to make sure that you're not selling knock off goods from China! It really pays to research the reputation of your dropshipping suppliers before you end up in trouble with the authorities.

Not bad, right? Yeah.

The second case I read up on was an 18-year-old serial entrepreneur, social media marketer, and seriously successful dropshipper, Matiss, living in Riga, Latvia.

After trying, and failing, with three dropshipping stores he finally found success, more by luck than judgement, as often happens, with a niche he had an interest in. That quickly went on to generate $8000 sales in the first 2 months and over $76,000 in the first 6 months.

His best month was $45,000 in sales but that proved too much for his logistics and he had to scale back on advertising for his dropshipping to play catch up. Presumably his dropshipping system was not set up to handle such an increase in orders.

Again, Matiss, like Mousslim, rose up in 2017 but faded away in late 2018 when he closed Artsy Wall. In Matiss's case maybe more a victim of his own success, so another lesson to learn. ensure that your systems in place can handle any increase in sales!

And as Mousslim’s and Matiss's cases show, dropshipping model is profitable, easily scalable and, most importantly, affordable. Thus, even teenagers can take a profitable stab at it. So, if you’re a teen dreaming of getting to the list of young successful entrepreneurs, dropshipping is a way to pull it off. No matter whether your goal is to get some extra money or launch a serious business.

Today, in 2021, you have plenty of opportunities to make money online as a teenager. If you want to gain financial independence, you don’t need to put it off until becoming an adult. That was considered too late for some of these guys, as they were already Millionaires by the time they reached adulthood.

So, can dropshipping make you rich? Yes, but like any business it may not happen overnight but the learning experiences will be invaluable.

The only person stopping you, is you. Once you commit yourself and stick with it, you can also follow in the footsteps of others



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