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Build A Dropshipping Business Using Free Software And Resources

Budding Entrepreneurs Need To Know How To Start A Dropshipping Business With Minimal Budget.

Build A Dropshipping Business Using Free Software And Resources

So you want to set up a dropshipping business, as you've seen how much demand there is these days, and how much money can be made, but you're broke!

It makes no difference if you're a senior or a teen. Personally I have a split personality. My body will be 67 in May 2021 but my mind is much the same as it was when I was in my late teens, early twenties!

A senior has more life experience but a teen has more energy!

A teen has plenty of "get up and go", but a senior may think their "get up and go" has "got up and gone"!

If David Harlan Sanders can drive across America demonstrating his fried chicken recipe, sleeping in his car, when he was my age and broke, then I can sit in front of a computer and build a droshipping agency business. So can you. Colonel Sanders went on to build KFC. We don't have to build another Amazon, Shopify, or similar, but we could if we wanted to... outsourcing is the key!

A senior has a credit card, but a teen has parents with a credit card (be nice then show them your sales!)

Whether you're a grandparent or a granchild you can operate a dropshipping business. Once set up all you need to do is keep it full of in demand products and then drive traffic to it. Simple.

Today there is an internet full of information, training and free stuff. Be careful of free 14 days trials. Their systems might take you more than 14 days to learn then you start paying before you're set up and ready to go..

In this article I have set out to provide you with companies that not only provide you with free tools, which may be the best in their industries, but also provide comprehensive free training. Each of these companies are aligned with the philosophy of helping you build a long term business and be successful. Then, and only then, will they be successful too. Will they sell you stuff? yes, of course, they are in business after all, but the core product will always be free. As and when you have money available, then you can invest in more, or better, services. Not before!

Free Website Hosting - Groove.cm

Attention Business Owners: This Is The New BEST Way To Create Websites, Build Funnels And Sell Digital Products Online!

Forget complicated software.

Say goodbye to clunky websites.

Cancel all your monthly fees.

GrooveFunnels is your complete digital products and services online sales system… And it’s FREE!

Not JUST a page and funnel builder.

Free - Sell Unlimited Products Free - Build Three Full Websites with full navigation

Free - Custom Domains Free - Bandwidth and hosting

Free - Sell products with 1-Click upsells

Free - Upsells, Downsells, and Order Bumps

Free - The worlds most powerful affiliate program

Powerful automated, behavioral based email marketing based on tagging (optional with GrooveMail™)

Membership site platform (optional with GrooveMember™)

Powerful Video marketing built right in (optional with GrooveVideo™)

...All Without Any Fees!

The Last Online Sales System You'll Ever Need.

Sign Up Right Now Get GroovePages™ And GrooveSell™ FREE For A Limited Time!

Free Dropshipping Store - Slingly Lite


Slingly is the worlds first, simple to use, "done for you", ecommerce platform. It enables you to get into the ecom business in less than 72 hours!

From beginners to veterans, you will find time saving and money making processes inside that you cannot find anywhere else. Guaranteed! No Credit Card Required.

By Signing Up For A Free Slingly Lite Account Today You Get.

Done For You Professional Products - Imagine having access to my team of designers with over 20K designs already loaded into Slingly, with proven Facebook™ ads you can get started immediately!

Automated Catalogs - You will have access to a basket full of different product types. You can create your own merchandise, simply upload your own designs, or use our amazing designs to get selling within minutes. Select merchandise from a range of unisex tees, hoodies, mugs, sweat shirts, and much more!

Get Selling In 30 Seconds - Upload in 1 click! - Yes Slingly has mastered the easy setting up of products to your store.. It literally only takes 30 seconds to have a product loaded up and ready to sell!! You will not find advanced product line automaton like this anywhere else!

Slingly Academy - Slingly comes loaded with 7 figure ecommerce training! This will get you progressing faster, as you learn how to create your own print on demand ecommerce business from scratch, with easy to follow, comprehensive free training.

Auto Generated Store & Facebook Ads - We've created all the mockups & store images for you. This gives you the same deployment power that saves us countless hours to create our own stores. We also create Facebook Approved and High Converting Facebook Ad Images that we have tested and tweaked, with hundreds of thousands of dollars spent!. You can use these in your own ad campaigns.

Multi Store Manager - With Slingly you can connect as many stores as you would like to manage. We generate product lists and CSV data, so you can always be in the know. Distribute this to data to clients, or your own fulfillment team, as you like.

Fulfillment History - Be in the know as to whats being fulfilled, and processing, in real time, so you are up to date with exactly whats going on in your business.

Why Choose Print On Demand As Your First Online Business

Free Jewelery Dropshipping Store - ShineOn

Sell Handcrafted and Personalized Goods, On-Demand, Without Inventory.

ShineOn Jewellery allows you to discover amazing personalized products from independent sellers, all designed, personalized and fulfilled with love. Using state of the art production and assembly facilities at our new Florida factory, we help your ecommerce store sell Handcrafted and Personalized Goods, On-Demand, Without Inventory.

ShineOn Jewellery believe in employing hard working moms (just like yours) that have a passion for designing and personalizing jewelry that your family will love and cherish for years.

ShineOn Quality Jewelry Products

Free Organic Google Traffic - 24 Hour Ranking System

How to get to the top of Google search results, with Zero Ad Spend and Zero CPA!

I'm not allowed to show you what's in the FREE 24 Hour Google Ranking System but I can give you a written overview on this page...

Ground Breaking 24 Hour Ranking System

Free Facebook Messenger Software & Account - Chatmatic

Architect and execute Messenger campaigns to increase sales to featured products.

Short term we would look to add profit to your bottom line, but long term we are looking to monetize Messenger subscribers as well as provide them an enjoyable and more customized experience.

Here are some key elements to remember about Messenger. 

Messenger averages 91% opens across a 72 hour period from when you send the message and above a 50% click through rate. So a list of 5,000 people will get over 4,000 opens and 2500 click per promotion. This is a very normal interaction rate for Messenger. 

We conducted a test to see how much Messenger subscribers were worth compared to an email subscriber.

We promoted exactly the same campaign, across a 24 hour period, to our email list and Messenger list. 

Messenger reached 17,560 people - generated 135 sales - and averaged .28 PER messenger mes- sage sent. 

Email reached 78,500 people - generated 88 sales - and averaged .02 PER email sent.

As you can see… Messenger subscribers are worth drastically more than email leads.

So in short - Messenger provides better engagement, exclusivity, relationship building, and the subscribers are worth 14x what an email subscriber is across the same campaigns.

You can have up to 250 subscribers with a free Chatmatic account. To register go to app.chatmatic.com and login using your Facebook account.

Chatmatic have a 14 day free trial which unlocks all the features and allows unlimited accounts. If you think you're going to have, or already have, more than 250 subscribers then this is the best plan for you. Register Here. Credit Card Required. This account also comes with this guarantee...

Join our 14 day trial and if you follow along with our 14 days worth of training and you don't have a positive ROI by day 14 - we will cancel your account or give you another MONTH to use our system completely free.

Boost Your Leadgen, Marketing and Sales with Chatmatic Messenger Marketing

Free Training

There is so much free training available from experts on each of these sites. A lot of the training is provided by the company founders and owners. Marketing experts, and legends like Mike Filsaime of Groove, Ricki Mateka of Slingly, Travis Stevenson of Chatmatic and Paul Murphy with his amazing 24 Hour Ranking System.

There are also products included that you can promote and earn income from as an affiliate, even as a free member! You even get trained to do that!

Groove.cm - There is so much training available on Groove, on all aspects of their products and marketing, that I could never do justice on this website.

Slingly Academy - Slingly comes loaded with 7 figure ecommerce training! This will get you progressing faster, as you learn how to create your own print on demand ecommerce business from scratch, with easy to follow, comprehensive free training.

ShineOn - Shineon provides training videos on how to set up your account and how to set up your first products. Topics covered are for Engraving, Graphics and message Card products. There is also training on how to set up discounts.

Chatmatic - Travis Stephenson, Chatmatic CEO, is an prolific trainer and marketer who doesn't just talk the talk, he walk's the walk!

Organic Google Traffic - Paul Murphy's detailed course on how to rank YouTube videos on the top of Google and get Free organic Traffic for years to come. This course once sold for $997, and would be worth that price today.

Free Payment Services

You'll need somebody to collect your customers payments, so here's three option to get you started...

Payoneer - Apply for an account with Payonner Here.

Paypal - You probably already have a PayPal account, if not sign up Here.

Stripe - Another popular payment processor for ecommerce stores is Stripe. Register a Free Account Here.


Beyond Free, The Next Step..

All the above mentioned companies offer training on how to get free organic traffic to your stores, websites or landing pages. Just remember that there is always a time cost. Free methods take time, but save money. Paid methods cost money but save time. Your budget decides which route you'll take.

After you have received your first order you will need a credit card to pay your drop shipper/supplier, but as you already have the money in your account getting access to a credit card should be much easier


Can you believe that all of those companies offer their services for FREE?

(Most Services Can Be Upgraded As Your Business Grows!!)

What Types of Branded Merchandise Can You Sell Using eCommerce Print on Demand?

Design merchandise that is only limited by Your Imagination but suitable for any business

Teeshirts & Apparel 

Coffee & Tea Mugs

Men's Jewelery

Fashion Footwear

Women's Jewelery

Hoodies & Outdoor Apparel

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eCommerce Print on Demand Branded Stores Offer Huge Opportunities That Many Businesses Need

Build a real turnkey business using a proprietry shopping cart and powerful free native apps, supported by phenominal ecommerce training and enjoy recurring, evergreen income, for life.

Interested in finding out more?

Click on the button below to learn more about how to build premium product catalogues with branded product lines of apparel & mug catalogs from expert print on demand designers & developers. Gain access to traffic systems with organic targeted traffic and work with big traffic partners.


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